Our team of Nite Mavericks are all exceptional people who are relentless in pursuit of their passions. We only celebrate those who juggle their day jobs with the activities that are their absolute passion.   

All our watches are built to endure the elements, the ocean, the wind and the cold so that they can be worn with confidence in every situation. We know our Nite Mavericks push themselves and our watches to their limits. Both their and our watches endurance is proven through their passions. 

Jake Best

Endurance athlete, businessman and ex-boxer

Jake Best is a man who truly maximises every minute of every day.

Having previously served in the military, fitness has long been a passion of Jake’s which led him on a path through to a spell in professional boxing.

Work wise Jake is a founding Director of Clearwater Dynamics who offer a vast range of maritime solutions globally, being responsible for in excess of 5,000 vessels.

Jake continues to push himself day in, day out and is now the proud holder of multiple world records gained raising money and awareness for a variety of charities.

We continue to be blown away by Jake’s energy and ability to excel across multiple disciplines whilst also being a genuinely great bloke.

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Deon Barrett


Deon Barrett is an adventurer with the desire to inspire others by becoming the first English man of colour to climb and summit Mount Everest.

Having suffered with mental health issues in the past, Deon is keen to promote the spirit of adventuring in the great outdoors and the positive benefits it can bring us all.

With some exciting and gruelling plans in place already for the arduous training required. We are looking forward to following Deon’s journey.

The self-determination shown by Deon in his pursuits to date is truly inspiring and one which we can all take inspiration from.

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Will Copestake

Adventurer and kayak extraordinaire

After earning the impressive title of Adventurer of The Year in 2015, Will Copestake has seen his endless explorations and adventures take him across the globe.

Will’s career is now split between leading outdoor pursuits and photography. Through his company Kayak Summer Isles, which he co-runs with a great friend on the North West Coast of Scotland.

In winter, he often takes this career south to Patagonia, where he works at Kayak En Patagonia, leading guests into one of the wildest areas on earth.

We love keeping an eye on what Will is doing and can’t wait to get the Nite team up to Scotland at some point to get out on the water.

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Dave Coleman

Former Royal Marine, online coach and motivational speaker

Having joined the Marines aged only 16 and going on to pass Commando Training first time despite struggling through the entire process because of his young age and an uncontrollable stammer, David knows first-hand what it takes to push forward when times are tough and achieve anything he sets his mind to with a non-quitting mindset.

Based at 45 Commando throughout his military career, David served just shy of 8 years in the Corps embarking on exercises and operations all around the world including a 6-month tour of Afghanistan aged 18 where he was involved in a grenade explosion suffering multiple injuries and requiring 28 stitches to his neck, arms, legs and buttocks.

David is now the proud owner of Civvy 2 Commando, a company that both physically and mentally prepares civilians with aspirations of joining the Royal Marines to give them the best possible head start on basic training and increase their likelihood of becoming a Commando. Intent on practicing what he preaches about stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming comfortable being uncomfortable, David has now gone full circle in the recovery of his stammer by stepping into the public and motivational speaking sector.

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Angus Collins

Endurance athlete, adventurer & public speaker

Angus’ expeditions have predominantly taken shape in the field of ocean rowing, having been a leading team member in three successful ocean rowing campaigns, in three different oceans and claiming a number of records along the way.

In 2014 Angus and the Fast Row West team set out to break the Four Man record across the Indian Ocean. After 71 days at sea and being forced to change route, the team set a new speed record and became the youngest four-man team to row any ocean. In 2016, Angus skippered team Ocean Reunion and completed the Atlantic Crossing in a new race record in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. In 2017, he went on to beat this record and set a new World Record with Team Latitude 35.

These records saw Angus make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for The Fastest Four Man team to row the Atlantic, The Youngest Four Man team to row any ocean and The Youngest Person to row three oceans.

Prior to ocean rowing, Angus trekked through the heart of the Papua New Guinea rainforest, raced Tuk-Tuks across the width of India and completed ultra-marathons.

Angus now trains teams and organises expeditions for individuals and teams from around the world and is also a motivational speaker inspiring people to push their physical and mental boundaries and show that with hard work and determination anything can be possible.

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Ottilie Quince

Cyclist, guide, physio, survivor

Ottilie Quince started cycling after being told she could no longer play football after a lifesaving kidney transplant from her Mum in 2007.

Since then, she's gone on to win 11 World, 6 European & 18 British gold medals representing Great Britain at the World Transplant Games.

Ottilie wants to help encourage more people to ride bikes, lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the amazing rides from her base in Mallorca.

Ottilie is a strong advocate in proving to us that no matter what obstacles you have, you can accomplish seemingly impossible goals in life with the right mindset.

Jerry Hammond

Carp angler, veteran, actor and author

Jerry Hammond is one of the most renowned professional carp anglers in the UK with an impressive back story including service in the British Army and a five-year stint within the film industry.

Whilst in the Army, Jerry’s passion for fitness and boxing flourished with him becoming middleweight army champion as a junior soldier before serving out his last few years of service as an army physical training instructor.

Jerry is now best known for his carp angling which he has successfully turned from a lifelong passion into a profession as a fishery manager and is highly regarded as one of the top carp anglers in the country.

Jerry’s enthusiasm for his profession shows through in everything he does and he is a pleasure to have on board the Nite ambassador team.

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