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Our Warranty Pledge

We consider customer satisfaction and after-sales care to be one of the most important aspects of our business. This is why all Nite watches come with a two year warranty.

Our aim is to deliver exceptional products and services that result in many years of reliable service. We take great care to ensure that each Nite watch is manufactured from the finest materials and to the highest possible standard. However, the fine and exacting nature of watch manufacturing can, on rare occasions, result in faults. If you experience any problems with your watch, we will deal with it as promptly and efficiently as possible.

What’s Covered?

The Nite International two year warranty covers material and manufacturing defects as listed in our warranty policy. Subject to inspection and assessment of the fault by our service center, we guarantee we will repair or replace a customer’s watch with the same model or a superior model if a direct replacement is unavailable. We will take action in the warranty process as soon we have your watch and confirmation of your warranty registration details.

Battery replacements, repair and warranty work during the term of the warranty period MUST be carried out by an authorized Nite repair center. Failure to adhere to this requirement will invalidate your warranty and a cost will be incurred.

Warranty includes:

Non Warranty:

* GTLS is a specialist item and should not be removed by any unauthorized dealer