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We are the sole authorized service center for Nite Watches and can carry out all repairs and services. Our skilled and highly trained Watchmaker is equipped with the latest equipment and only uses genuine Nite Watches parts.

Our service charges for repair and non-warranty procedures are listed below. All charges are exempt from VAT / Sales Tax and include return postage. Please contact for further details on this.

A full service includes a new battery and re-seal, pressure testing, ultrasonic cleaning of the watch casing, time test and comes with a full 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

If once a diagnosis has been made you decide not to proceed with the recommended work a return shipping and diagnosis fee may be charged.

Please click here for our Warranty, Servicing and Upgrade form.

Current Models

MX10 $85.00
ICON $85.00
HAWK $85.00
MARQUESS $105.00
ALPHA $105.00
VISION $105.00
CHRONO $105.00

Discontinued Models

AQUA $105.00
MX20 $105.00
MX30 $105.00
NATO $105.00
GX70 $120.00
GX80 $120.00
MX40 $120.00
MX50 $120.00
TX40 $120.00
TX50 $120.00

Did you know that we offer an upgrade scheme?

You can receive up to $130 off any of our full priced watches when you part-exchange your existing Nite watch. We accept watches in any condition, regardless of whether they are working, discontinued or current models, with or without a strap. For full terms and conditions click here

Service time

Upon receipt Nite will provide an estimated turnaround time respective to the date of your watch return. This estimate will fluctuate throughout the year based upon the levels of watches received for servicing.

If your watch requires replacement parts further charges will apply. Nite will always contact you before carrying out any further work to provide an estimate of costs.

Please click here for our Warranty, Servicing and Upgrade form.

On occasions the cost of repair heavily outweighs the value of the watch, in this instance Nite would be pleased to offer you a substantial upgrade discount off any new Nite model. Feel free to contact where we will be happy to present you with some options.

Alternatively, if you are considering a new Nite model please contact us and we can offer you an upgrade discount!

In certain cases, Nite have to charge a handling fee if you do not approve the additional costs and ask Nite to return your watch without repair. In this situation, the handling fee only covers the cost of return postage and a quotation price will be provided, respective to the return address.

If you have any questions or queries in relation to the potential repair or servicing costs of your watch please contact and we will be happy to help.

Please  click below for our Warranty, Servicing and Upgrade form:

Warranty, service & upgrade form