Nite Maverick - Martin (Mac) McKinley

Mountaineer & Close Reconnaissance Specialist

What Makes Mac a Nite Maverick?

After a long career in the British forces and working all over the world from deserts to jungles and everything in between, he left in order to pursue his passion of starting his own Mountaineering company called “Nomad Mountaineering “.

Nomad mountaineering was born with the idea of getting more people outdoors and reaping the benefits that it brings with it.
During his time in the forces, Mac gained qualifications through various Mountaineering courses through the army’s adventurous training wing. He has since built Nomad alongside other instructors who are all ex-forces or still serving.

Nomad Mountaineering is the fastest-growing outdoors company in Scotland, and it provides everything from bespoke 1:1 guiding to corporate team building and adventure events. It aims to instil in individuals the skills required to operate in the mountains safely and to push people beyond their comfort zones whilst giving them memories that last a lifetime. The corporate events are designed to build team cohesion and leadership and develop a bond that is built through uncomfortable situations.

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Latest News

Mac and his team will offer expeditions to Everest Basecamp & some other options of 6000m peaks in the region for those who fancy a slightly more difficult challenge.

As of April 2023, people will not be permitted to trek anywhere in the Nepal mountain regions and national parks without a licenced guide. This law has been passed to boost employment for locals & to ensure the safety of tourists. Mac and his team will be operating expeditions with their Nepali partners, who have 20+ years of experience in guiding and living in the region. Through this collaboration, they will provide work for local sherpas ensuring fair pay and working alongside charities in the region.

martin (mac) mckinley

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