MX20/50 Black Polymer Strap with Black PVD Buckle

MX20/50 Black Polymer Strap with Black PVD Buckle


With a change in the compound of polymer used this all new MX20/50 strap is flexible, tough and comfortable, this polymer watch strap combines functionality with strength, with a double toothed toughened black PVD buckle for maximum durability it is designed to fit any MX20/50 watch.

Customer Reviews

1 year ago

It’s better then the original more comfortable and hopefully won’t snap

Paul Thurston

2 years ago

Never received it!!!!!!! No tracking nor a email on shipment!

Nancy Dudash

3 years ago

poor quality strap for a good quality watch

Patrick McGrath

4 years ago

Very fiddly to attach and you'll need two tiny screwdrivers. I've had 4 straps since buying my Nite watch. They've all failed after about 2 years - they tend to break at the point where the buckle meets the polymer. The watch has literally slipped off my wrist and almost smashed on a stone floor. Great watch, terrible straps.

Rick Foulsham