T100 vs T25

With both T25 and T100 GTLS illumination options available in our collection, we often get asked “what is the difference?” and “which is better?”.

The answers are relatively simple, there is a difference (keep reading) and neither is better – it’s completely subjective.

The T rating relates to the total radiation content within the watch.  Radiation content is measured in millicuries (mCi), therefore, all watches with a T25 mark contain up to 25mCi and similarly, watches with a T100 mark, contain no more than 100mCi, but do exceed 25mCi.

Every single model within our collection features GTLS tubes and we only use those supplied by the marketing leading Swiss manufacturer mb-microtec; who are widely regarded as the top manufacturers of GTLS tubes with an extensive range of colour and size options.

Whilst there are differences between the total mCi content in the T25 and T100 models, the idea of “which is better” is simply a choice of personal preference and taste; much like which beer is better - ale or lager?

During the design process we decide whether to create a T25 or T100 model based on the aesthetic styling and functional design. You will note that the combinations available varies between each series.

Let us know in the comments below whether you prefer T25 or T100 and why – remember there is no right or wrong answer.

Oh, and feel free to help us decide which beer is better too!