Get to know professional carp angler Jerry Hammond

Jerry Hammond is one of the most renowned professional carp anglers in the UK with an impressive back story including service in the British Army and a five-year stint within the film industry.


A bit about Jerry

At the age of 16, Jerry joined the British army and proudly served eight years in the Queen’s Regiment, seeing active service from a young age.

Whilst in the Army, Jerry’s passion for fitness and boxing flourished with him becoming middleweight army champion as a junior soldier before serving out his last few years of service as an army physical training instructor.

After his release from the army, Jerry then married his wife Joanne and had two wonderful children before enjoying an amazing 5 years in the film industry stemming from his military life.

His first experience was as a German soldier in Saving Private Ryan, which was followed by working on the critically acclaimed Band of Brothers TV series for a year as an American soldier mixed in with all the main cast – “it was an unbelievable time of my life.”

Jerry Hammond the carp angler

Jerry is now best known for his carp angling which he has successfully turned from a lifelong passion into a profession and is highly regarded as one of the top carp anglers in the country.

“I have probably spent a large percentage of my life living outside on the banks of the lakes I fish.

I fish for Carp and spend many hours, days and weeks tracking down these fish.

I’m very comfortable outside with nature in any conditions.”

His involvement and knowledge of the sport led Jerry to write a book all about his carp fishing - something he mentions that his old English teachers would never believe!

The book is called Catching Memories and you can find it available to purchase here.

Should you have an interest in carp fishing then you may have noticed Jerry appearing on Sky fishing shows as well as promoting brands such as Trakker and Mad Baits.


Jerry’s watch of choice – The Icon

Check out the Icon model Jerry wears here.

Find out more about the Carthegena Fishery here and check out Jerry’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.