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Craig Jones

Craig Jones

Craig Jones

Professional wildlife photographer

“I am a professional wildlife photographer, an experienced expedition and workshop leader, I run my own photo tours to many places throughout the UK and further afield around the world.

I have been a finalist in the Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition 2010,2015, finalist in the GDT European Wildlife photographer of the year and commended in BWPA.  In 2013 I was selected by Nikon, Japan to become one of their “Eyes Of Nikon” photographers that celebrated their 80th year. My images are widely published throughout the world having graced the covers and pages of numerous premier publications.

Im an Ex Sniper/Soldier, expert fieldcraft and tracking skills, who has always found peace within nature. Bringing all those skills together to produce images from nature by placing a frame around something I’ve seen.

From an early age I spent so much time being at one with nature, close to and watching, hidden from view on the off chance I would see a certain animal. Learning to get close to wildlife without disturbing the life of the animal, almost forgetting the outside world and becoming part of the animal I was getting close to or watching. By doing this I could understand the animal better, gaining many skills by observing their behaviours at the same time giving the subject complete respect which allowed me a private window into their personal and private lives.

This skill is one of many I use within my own wildlife photography today derived from those early encounters with nature. This lose yourself to nature approach enables me to get close enough to capture the animal’s beauty and behaviour which both feature strongly in my style of photography, showing a wild animal within their natural habitat being the foundation to my work today through the images I see then frame through my camera’s viewfinder

My images represent an event that occurred in the wild something that I witnessed and recorded with my camera. My skill lies in interpreting and presenting this in a way that invokes beauty, mood and emotion with each moment captured.

My photographs capture wild animals while showing them great respect and care in approaching the subject(s) this allows for better photography, where you can have a window into their lives and learn so much about nature. I am a trained climber/abseiling. Trained in Jungle, Mountain, Desert environments with key skills in survival.

I use all these skills alongside my photography to capture images from the wild The beauty of photographing wildlife is that it is always changing and evolving, encountering the unexpected. In this environment the photographer must learn to work with these changing environmental conditions and behaviours, and the result cannot always be predicted.
I support a number of wonderful charities with my imagery –  SOS- Sumatran Orangutans Society, OIC – Orangutan Information Centre, SOCP – Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Project,  Barn Owl Trust, 21 Century Tiger and Birdlife.

Reflecting my personal commitment to protecting these special animals and their environments in which I work.”

Craig wears the HAWK Z-400T. renowned for it’s lightweight and stealth looks, it is the perfect accompaniment for Craig.

Craig Jones
Craig Jones Craig Jones Craig Jones

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