Some of our favourite British brands

As an independent British brand ourselves, we like the idea of placing your faith in local businesses and believe that there are some great examples out there. Here is a selection of some of our favourite British brands creating some cracking products.


Passenger Clothing

Based down the road from us in the New Forest and inspired by travel, music and salt water.
Passenger make clothing & accessories designed for travel, adventure and escapism.
We love their relaxed style, dedication to quality and commitment to the environment. For every order placed they also plant a tree which has resulted in over 45,000 trees planted to date!
Our current favourite is their new Bobcat insulated jacket which looks the part and is made from 100% recycled polyester ripstop which means you can roam even further with a smaller footprint this winter.


Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Also based down the road from us are Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.
Their iced coffee is truly awesome and they have plenty of different flavours – their new Flat White in a can is seriously good!
You’ll often find us with a can or two on long photoshoots or just generally when we are in need of a pick me up in the office.
Their social media profiles are great fun and well worth a follow.
On top of all of that, they also sell some sweet merchandise and some of you eagle-eyed people out there may have spotted their branded rugby ball used in some of our photos and videos.



Consider yourself a bit of a pizza connoisseur? Then take a look at these guys and thank us later.
In fact you don’t even need to just cook pizza in these professional standard stone ovens.
Whilst their built in ovens grace some of the finest restaurants around, the portable Roccbox is a truly stunning piece of design that is available to all and will take your outdoors cooking game to another level.
Roccbox, is the World’s first portable 500°C wood and gas pizza oven that was won numerous awards and accolades. It can cook a pizza in 60 seconds flat, sear meat in minutes, create crispy skin on fish and create the perfect caramelisation on vegetables while locking in flavour and freshness. It looks pretty badass too.



Award-winning manufacturer of portable power packs and solar chargers for mobile devices including smartphones, action cameras and laptops.
Powertraveller products are built to last, are capable of being used in extreme temperatures and are resistant to the elements. They have a very high number of recharge cycles negating the need for disposable batteries and are made using components and materials that can be reused or recycled.
The Kestrel 40 is a great example of Powertraveller’s products – small enough to slip in a rucksack and featuring a folding 12 watt solar charger panel with an integrated 10000mAh battery, the Kestrel 40 is able to charge your phone, GPS, tablet, camera or head torch and could either be a really handy piece of kit or a true life-saver.



London based Aquapac have been manufacturing waterproof bags and cases for all manner of items since 1983. They supply products for the military, specialist expeditions, professionals and the public alike and the quality of product truly is second-to-none.
We make great use of their Waterproof DSLR Camera Case which allows us to get some awesome action shots.
With products including bike panniers, phone cases, map holders, backpacks, drybags and many more, they are well worth checking out.


Conker Spirit

It’s not every day a Chartered Quantity Surveyor throws in the towel to try his hand at making gin, but it was certainly worth the risk. Fast forward 6 years, and it was certainly worth the risk.
Rupert set up Dorset’s first gin distillery, distilling locally foraged botanicals and bottling by hand –all based in sunny Southbourne.
As a testament and sign of the quality of their gin, each and every bottle is hand signed by one of the team.
Our favourite has to be their cold brew coffee liquor (the UK’s first). Which, unlike other coffee liqueurs on the market, doesn’t use any flavourings, thickeners or preservatives: just four simple ingredients – speciality Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee, New Forest spring water, British wheat spirit and demerara sugar.
Don’t just take our word for it though as it has won numerous awards including the Great Taste Awards 3 Star in 2018.



Based on the Cornish coast and born over a decade ago from the needs of hardy British surfers, Finisterre designs functional and sustainable product for those that share a love of the sea.
Finisterre mention “this is gear that will be with you the longest; and the longer you have it, the more attached to it you become.” and we couldn’t agree more. Some of us here at Nite HQ have a number of Finisterre items and the quality is undeniable.
They also often do some interesting co-branded collaborations with the likes of Vans, RNLI and Vivobarefoot to create some really quite special pieces.
If you are in the market for some hardy clothing from an awesome brand that truly looks after its customers then take a look at these guys.

Of course, this is only a small collection and there are many more great brands about so if you find any that you think might be of interest to us then feel free to let us know.

Thanks for reading.