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About Us

Nite is an independent British watch brand born from a spirit of independence with the simple mission to create exceptional watches to be worn with pride.

The History of Nite

Nite was born back in 2003 by Roger Green after being blown away by the performance of Tritium illumination and realising that other people like him would appreciate a well-engineered watch that used this technology.

Today, we are still proudly based in the idyllic coastal town of Christchurch on the South coast of England where we design all our new watches, run our in-house service centre and dispatch every order by hand.

If you are ever in the area, then feel free to stop by our showroom, take a look at our collection and say hello.


Selling our watches exclusively through our website enables us to deliver a truly personal service and allows us to tailor our watches to meet the needs of our community of owners around the World.


Often overlooked but always greatly valued, the ability to tell the time with ease in the dark is the reason why each and every Nite watch is fitted with tritium illumination – widely regarded as the world’s best and most reliable form of illumination.



We are extremely proud to have tens of thousands of Nite watch owners all over the World in our close-knit community.

From mountaineers to racing drivers, TV personalities to special forces personnel and royalty to commercial deep sea divers, our community covers a wide spectrum of society but they all have one thing in common – the desire to get out there and make the most of every minute.

Customer Reviews

4 hours ago

Excellent service

Excellent service, thank you!

Josh Hastings

8 hours ago

Easy site to use

Easy selection and purchasing of accessories through the website


2 days ago

Fast efficient service

Fast efficient service, order tracked all the way .

Mr Insley

3 days ago


Brilliant service and care via telephone, email and delivery.

Jane Anderson

5 days ago

Far from impressed with the service…from DHL

Far from impressed with the service from DHL. However, I am giving the 5star as a result of the excellent service from customer service. At one stage I was going to cancel the order due to DHL but the ladies in customer service proved that they were concerned at the poor service from DHL and pulled out all the stops to help rescue my order..

David Sandford

6 days ago

Very speedy service

Very speedy service

Ian Taylor

6 days ago


Excellent service

Erasmia Kroustali

6 days ago

Thank s very much for insuperable…

Thank s very much for insuperable customer care service. Excellent watches.


6 days ago

Great customer service very fast…

Great customer service very fast delivery on products

Kylie Pinney

1 week ago

Bought an Alpha last month

Bought an Alpha last month. Blue bezel, bracelet and orange and blue tritium indices. This is a beautiful watch. Weighty, bezel feels nice, good clicks, no back play, as bright as I expected in the dark, I really do like it. However, just a couple of points, the second hand does not hit any of the markers, seems to be slightly and noticeably ahead of each one. I know it is common for the seconds hand on quartz watches to not hit all the markers perfectly, but this hits none. That said, I have a Casio MDV106 @£60 that hits every marker perfectly and other owners of that watch say the same, how is this? Why is it so hard, in this day and age, to get a quartz seconds hand to hit every marker perfectly aside from the MDV106 mentioned?!? Anyway, I digress, on the Alpha the date alignment is ever so slightly off on certain numbers too. And, it needs a glide lock system, of some sort, on the buckle or, at least, half links. When sized to my 6.25” wrist, it’s either slightly tight with lesser links and the micro adjustments set to their widest or too loose if I put a link back in and set the micro adjustments to their shortest. A glide lock system would easily remedy this. Other than those points, I do like this watch, just the QC and buckle/clasp design could be improved on.

Richard Eden

1 week ago

I have waited a long time to buy a…

I have waited a long time to buy a Luminous watch I liked and could afford and now I have one! I am not disappointed it is just what I wished for,this will be my last watch I ever buy! An easy to read at a glance dial, white! most models are black faced , Why.? Lovely comfortable moulded strap for in the swim pool,just one negative point, the date is almost invisible, probably that is a little let down, so easy to read at night, it is like a little torch in the dark,so it lives up to the name OK. One very satisfied customer thank you.

John P Ledgeway

1 week ago

Excellent service and great looking…

Excellent service and great looking watch.

Chris A

1 week ago

Fantastic customer service

Fantastic customer service - they quickly assessed my brilliant Aqua watch which had stopped after several years great service at sea - needed a battery and a clean - go it back in a week by Royal Mail signed for - absolutely delighted with the team there


1 week ago

Blue bezel is almost black

The bezel is very dark (almost black), although the polymer strap is a definite navy blue. (If you expect a brilliant blue bezel, be aware this one is basically black.) The illumination is bright, as advertised, and the 10-year warranty is a bonus for a watch in this price range. Overall, a nice sturdy watch and it arrived in two days with freight charges included.

Tami Sutcliffe

1 week ago

Needed a robust watch for medical work.

Needed a robust watch for medical work. Had seen NITE Watches advertised and like the fact it was an British Company. Visited their Christchurch Office, the crew there were very helpful and offered to show me the various watches that met my strict requirements. I left the office with an Alpha watch, having had many watches in the past this watch is the best by far. Able to easily read in the dark thanks to it's brilliant nature luminosity of the T100 markers. Able to take 15sec Rate of Breathing measurements thanks to the rotating bezel with highlighted 15sec increments. Ability to easily clean the strap post patient due to the silicon strap. Very secure due to the double pinned lock bar on the strap. Well worth the money spent and a talking point due to the fact the Company is not that well known and therefore not a run of the mill bulk produced item. Would I buy another NITE Watch, yes definitely but I think it will take a long time to kill this current one! Especially with a 10yr battery life.


1 week ago

I saved up to purchase this watch and…

I saved up to purchase this watch and paid the exchange rate from Canadian dollars to US dollars and then I was disappointed to find out that I had to pay an additional $82 Canadian for duty. It is unfortunate that you don't have a Canadian distributor. Other than that, which is no fault of Nite Watches, the service was incredibly quick and efficient...very impressed

Peter Mercer

1 week ago

Fast shipping to Canada!

Very pleased with the buying experience. I am much happier and feel safer buying from a manufacturers website instead of the way things seem to be going with everything on one “big” online store.

Randy Smith

1 week ago

Great individual designer watch

Great individual designer watch

Stephen Cruttenden

1 week ago

Very prompt service.

Very prompt service, good product, shame I didn't know you had a premises in Christchurch, about 10 miles from my address!

Les Cooke

1 week ago

Very easy to place my orders. Great service.

Very easy to place my order. The order came several days faster than I expected! Love the service.

Rollin Albers